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Tell us about your start up
Innovate5G Inc. is a software product and services company developing AI/ML Platforms and APIs for 4G/5G/6G Cellular Network Performance Observation for Application Developers and Network Developers.

Innovate5G inc. customers are mainly Application companies that develop IoT, UAV, Metaverse(AR/VR) Applications and Solutions Integrators that integrate Applications to Networks. Current customers are headquartered in US in Texas and in Illinois.

Applications can now observe Performance over Cellular Networks to optimize Applications and Networks in real time with APIs.

With our platforms and products, our customers can Observe the performance of Applications over Cellular Networks, Adapt the Application real time to Network conditions with APIs and Evolve their Business Models based on Quality of Experience (QoE).

What is your USP?
Innovate5G Inc. USP is to enlighten the End User Experience on Wireless Networks. The days for Wireless Networks, that are simply built as a pipeline to deliver one-size-fits-all service are limited. While everyone is looking for a faster horse, we are enabling a shift in the industry that will bring in the Experiential Marketplace. We are here to uplift End User Experience, bring in new Business Models and build the first ever Experience and Concierge Experience platform which can deliver a wow-factor for Applications and its users by understanding the Quality of the Network available to Applications.

What is your relationship with the telecom sector?
We are disruptors and for that reason navigating the Telecom market has been daunting. We find Application Developers are more attuned to new-age ideas and trying different things. We would love to collaborate with Telcos who want to offer more to their customers than just data plans. For that reason, I think our perfect partnership could be in the arena of MVNOs who want to add another layer of service to their offerings and stand out in the MVNO crowd.

How have you got to your current stage of development?
We have been very fortunate to be selected by Google for Startups. They have opened pathways for us for Cloud Trainings, access to latest & greatest Cloud Infrastructure, Tools, Software, APIs and access to their Global Partners.

Why did you establish the business?
I’m always looking for a gap in the market and looking to solve a problem that genuinely exists.

When I exit my previous startup, which was based on a lack of Computer Science education in the K12 curriculum in USA, I looked around and asked, what should I solve next?

I came from a Communication Network background with protocol design in the Optical field and then moved to the Education and Franchisee industry for my first startup. I wanted to return to Networks but this time to Wireless. I had this sense that Networks are very important, far more important than content but the whole hype pre-covid was towards content. Covid era and post-covid have now proven that that statement stands True.

This was a chance for me to challenge myself yet again and be in touch with the love of my life – Radios. I’m an Electronics & Communication Engineer and I loved tinkering with Radios, Antennas and Electromagnetic fields from a very young age. To me, being hands on and experimenting with circuits & radio waves comes easily.

5G was just taking off in 2019 but the issue with 5G was lack of true 5G Applications. That lead me down the path to ask the question – What is a 5G Application? The whole expectation was that 5G applications need to leverage the 5G spec of low latency, high bandwidth, massive number of connections. This is how networks explained it. In short, a wow-factor is how applications understood it. It meant delivering something more than what is being experienced today with 4G. Of course, getting the right network specs on 5G is crucial to actually deliver the true 5G Application Experience. However, not many application developers understand what 5G can help them with. So, how are they going to push the limits, when they actually don’t understand what those limits mean?

We started out initially measuring and qualifying 5G applications in our test lab. We came to a quick epiphany that if we really wanted to enhance the Experience, we were missing the psyche/thinking behind Experience. Today’s industry is not oriented around it and neither are Business Models. What would be needed to evolve into an Experience Economy from an App Economy, just like we went from Equestrian Economy to a Fuel based Economy not too long ago with the introduction of a horseless carriage – The Car. That is the journey we set out on. To become the enabler for a shift from the App Economy to the Experience Economy.

So far, it has been a very spiritual journey for us, meaning, there has been some intense and tough soul searching for us. Whenever, you are trying to make a market shift, it is always an uphill journey. But it is also a very rewarding journey, which we hope will be all worth the effort in the end.

Who or what inspired you?
Creativity inspires me. Being Original, Down-to-Earth and Shining a Light of Truth on Everything is what motivates me.

So all those people that show up with Creative ideas and then put their strength and truth to the grind to produce their best creative work. All those People, all the Designers, Creators, Coders, Engineers, Researchers, Entrepreneurs, the inherent Spirit of always trying to find the cure or the solution to the next problem, I draw inspiration from all of those. I see them Everywhere. Anyone with a child-like enthusiasm who think they can achieve anything, I think that they are all very special. Their ideas are just simply out there, with no sense of fear or failure. It truly energizes my Spirit when I see Divine creativity at play in others.

What does the future hold for your business?
We hope to make our humble contribution in making this World a better place.

We hope we can become an enabler to uplift other people’s Creativity, be it in enhancing Metaverse Applications, making it easier to connect IoT & AI Applications to the Network, enabling new-age applications and business models to market that we haven’t seen or experienced yet and to build a more Experiential World.

We know that people truly value how they feel, more so now than ever. To leave a lasting impression, like you have just watched a show of Shen Yun or Cirque de Soleil or something that stimulates your creative senses is truly awe-inspiring for everyone. That experience lasts much longer than shopping therapy.

We want to help others achieve grand results in ways that have not been explored before in the App Economy.

HEADQUARTERS – Richardson, Texas, USA
LAST FUNDING TYPE – USD $200K non-equity funding from Google
Rashmi Varma (Founder & President)
Mike Thompson (Board of Advisor)

Innovate5G is one of the exciting startups that you can meet at Connected America. Make sure you join us on March 28-29, 2023 at Irving Convention Center, Dallas