Subsea Cables and Data Centres have a symbiotic relationship.  The value propositions of both are enhanced by careful collaboration and alignment of investments, and the Mediterranean is providing a great case study for how the two sectors are growing together in a strategic and long term manner.  For some years, Marseille has been the Mediterranean data centre location collaborating most with subsea cables.  Approximately 90% of subsea cable traffic passing through the Mediterranean from Africa, Asia and the Middle East, goes via Marseille.   

While Marseille will continue to play a role as a “super-hub”, new locations are emerging as key locations offering diversity and resilience to the subsea cable sector.  Barcelona, Rome and Athens are all going to compliment Marseille.  This will be achieved by all these locations being interconnected to Marseille via subsea cables in a “mesh network”, while at the same time being able to offer routes into key European markets in a resilient manner.  In five years’ time the industry will see the Mediterranean as one integrated solution.  It won’t be just about single cities and specific cables.

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