Press Release

MDS, a BSS-as-a-Service provider of VNO, B2B and IoT solutions, today announced that iD Mobile, the UK’s leading mobile provider, is using MDS’s VNOnDemand solution, incorporating Customer Management Platform (CMP). The solution enables iD Mobile to design, price, deliver and bill new telecoms services.

New to the market in 2015, today iD Mobile has more than 700,000 subscribers and targets tech savvy independents and families who are looking to control their spending and take advantage of flexible packages which can work with their fast and changing lifestyles.

In a saturated market, any entrant to the mobile operations space has to acquire customers, either through significant acquisition expense, i.e. gorilla marketing, OR with a statement offering and significant service quality differentiation. Choosing to focus on customer service, iD Mobile gained a reputation for offering a positive and competitive level of customer experience. To achieve these superior levels of customer service, iD Mobile’s foundation is built upon on an integrated end-to-end digital platform, orchestrated by MDS’s VNOnDemand. The platform offers:

• Real-time management of customer experience
• Customer care and billing

This functionality facilitates seamless customer on-boarding, real-time service personalisation, and the analytical data needed to support custom offers.

The MDS end-to-end solution provides ID Mobile with the flexibility to innovate through personalisation and customisation. Features of their service mean that customers can:

• Cap their monthly spend to avoid bill shock.
• Roll over unused data to the next month.
• Roam in 60 countries at no extra cost.
• Buy add-ons and bundles to match their usage experience, giving them control of their package and their experience.

Gary Bunney, CEO, MDS said, “We are particularly proud of our work with iD Mobile. As the UK’s fastest-growing and largest MVNO, they exemplify the type of organisation we’re primed to support. Our solution expertise enables this high-achieving operator to add and offer more products with less effort, time and expense. In-turn this enables them to increase customer lifetime value and maintain competitive edge in a fiercely competitive market.

MDS are exhibiting this week at the MVNO Europe event in London on 14-15 November 2017.