Press Release

At NAB2019, booth SU3324, Media Links, manufacturer and pioneer in Media over IP transport technology, will showcase its new family of 100G media-centric IP switches.

The new MDX100G switching family addresses the explosive growth and new norm of both time sensitive “video/audio data” as well as non-real time data traffic across professional media tuned IP networks for live, high profile news, entertainment and sporting events. They deliver high port density enabling facilities to operate at any scale while reducing operational costs and infrastructure complexity.

Media Links’ MDX100G switches also target the market demand for uni-directional and bi-directional multicast media and data, especially for remote production and WAN applications. Traditional switches cannot handle these applications, whereas the MDX 100G switch family does. Network architecture utilizing these switches can support seamless protection switching (SPS) for more reliable and robust transport performance, a feature conventional network switch architecture does not typically accommodate. Other key features include VLAN bridging and translation, special QoS services, physical layer alarming and LLDP diagnostic and monitoring support.

MDX100G switches are designed specifically for aggregating multicast media streams whether compressed, uncompressed, uni-directional or bi-directional. The switch is optimized for zero packet loss, 100% throughput, maximum forwarding rate, low latency and memory allocation to priority queues. A specially designed embedded LSI switch controller agent within the switch ensures no packet loss in the most demanding multicast applications in many-to-many cases.

The agent utilizes match and forward rule sets for SDN packet forwarding. In addition the utilization of rule sets allow for data loop/flooding protection along with port egress bandwidth limits, preventing oversubscription. For SMPTE 2110 environments, these switches also support PTP timing and network synchronization (IEEE 1588).

With a switching capacity of 6.4 Tbps, high port density, support for both L2 and L3 layers, a compact 1RU form factor and low power consumption, the MDX100G switching series provides a scalable and efficient solution for facilities transitioning to 4K and IP video transport. Since all of Media Links’ switching solutions are media-centric, its products go beyond off-the-shelf COTS switches, and are tailored to the demanding needs of professional media traffic over an IP network.