There is no secret that climate change has become a worldwide threat. Parts of the infrastructure that forms the backbone of the Internet, from fibre optic cables to colocation facilities, are at a major risk of being flooded and knocked offline during the next few decades.

Our experience, specifically in Saint-Martin island, clearly stresses the need to carefully plan cable routes and landing station locations factoring in a range of local hazards and how those are affected by climate change.

In fact, following hurricane Irma in September 2017, the entire island’s infrastructure was devastated, and Setics Sttar was called to action during the reconstruction phase.

The new infrastructure took into consideration these multi-factorial risks and aerial poles were replaced with underground infrastructure where appropriate.

Setics Sttar has helped engineers in over 30 countries to configure climate risks into the automated network design and assess the cost of such projects.

To learn more, please watch the below video.


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