Press Release

MLL Telecom, a leading provider of secure managed network services to the UK public sector, today announced it has successfully transitioned more than 150 Portsmouth City Council sites to Full Fibre as part of an initial five-year network services contract awarded in 2019. This milestone concludes the first phase of a major ongoing project to consolidate the Council’s previous network solutions onto a single 132 km high speed network deployed by CityFibre and forms part of The Solent Network Framework contract.

Comprising Council offices, schools, libraries and CCTV assets previously connected to PCC’s MPLS PSN, the Full Fibre connections were carried out between April and December last year and will now enable MLL to provide these sites with a full range of core managed WAN services. These include voice, data, internet and cloud services, ultrafast broadband, and access to the HSCN network. During the interim period while the fibre infrastructure was still under construction MLL successfully built and deployed a fully resilient core network based on local exchanges in Portsmouth.

Phase 2 of the project is now underway and will see MLL light up Full Fibre services to a further 126 sites by November 2022. Once the network is fully completed MLL will be running MPLS and SDWAN services over the new fibre. MLL’s remit also includes the provision of a Software Defined overlay service which provides PCC a greatly enhanced ability to manage, monitor and control network traffic.

PCC’s new fibre network ensures unlimited connection speeds to Council sites, including schools, and represents a long term investment that will give PCC assured connectivity speeds for at least 20 years, without the need for regular re-investment in WAN services. The new infrastructure will also make it easier for the wider community including businesses and residents to take advantage of Gigabit capable services across the City.

David Bowles, Chief Information Officer, Portsmouth City Council said: “MLL’s technical expertise and efficient project management approach has ensured the delivery of the first phase of the project, on time and on budget. Over time, we are confident our new network will help us demonstrate and deliver increasing Social Value to a diverse range of communities in and around Portsmouth. PCC looks forward to MLL’s support and expertise in the years to come and it continuing to offer valuable insight for ensuring we maximise future digital opportunities.”

Jeremy Wastie, Head of Public Sector Sales, MLL Telecom added: “Following a competitive tender, PCC selected MLL due to the company’s experience of partnering CityFibre and track record in successfully delivering similar fibre transition and transformation projects to local authorities. Our flexibility and ability to offer a comprehensive suite of WAN overlay services on the new fibre network was another deciding factor. Furthermore, the Solent Network provides MLL with a platform for delivering new 5G and Internet of Things (IoT) applications to help deliver new services to the whole community, and with this, provide demonstrable Social Value.”