Press Release

BENOCS GmbH stated today that they are now backing Mobile Telecom-Service LLP with their network analytics and intelligence. This high-performing tool gives Mobile Telecom-Service LLP the ability to monitor their traffic, trouble shoot network failures, optimize routing, seek new business opportunities and more.

Before installing BENOCS Analytics, Mobile Telecom-Service LLP was limited by their internal utilization tools. “The reason we decided to install BENOCS Analytics into our network is because we needed to see the top traffic originators in our network, and how traffic is distributed between different cities. “ stated on August 1st, 2021 from Mobile Telecom-Service LLP “BENOCS analytics gives us that visibility. Additionally, the BENOCS team made installation easy.”

As one of the largest telecoms in Kazakhstan, “we believe our analytics tool can make real change in the way with Mobile Telecom-Service LLP plans, routes and analyzes their network traffic.” Stated BENOCS CEO, Stephan Schroeder. “We are very glad to have Mobile Telecom-Service LLP’s trust to provide them with the best possible network intelligence.”