Press Release

Radio Frequency Systems (RFS), a global designer and manufacturer of cable, antenna, and tower systems for wireless and broadcast infrastructure, today launched a Broadcast Auxiliary Service (BAS) Interference Mitigation Filter (IMF) that rejects all AWS-1 and AWS-3 spectrum emissions to improve transmission quality for BAS channels 1 through 10.

The AWS spectrum is adjacent to the 2GHz BAS band broadcasters use to backahul signals from mobile news teams in the field and send signals between the studio and the transmitter. With a BAS filter installed in the broadcaster’s BAS link, it eliminiates the interference issues that occur when mobile network operators transmit on AWS spectrum.

How the new BAS filter tackles the issue at hand:

Mobile operators are already required to eliminate interference caused by AWS-1 A block emissions, but recent tests have revealed that AWS-1 B block and C block spectrum can also interfere with broadcasters’ BAS signals. With the ability to block all AWS spectrum, mobile operators can address all interference issues using a single filter.

* Unlike existing filters, which can only be installed indoors, RFS’ new BAS filter is enclosed in a weatherproof aluminium housing so it can be rack-mounted or installed direct onto the tower, closer to antennas.
* Operator field tests confirm the RFS BAS filter lowers out-of-band emissions, thereby helping to reduce the number of band block filters operators need to purchase and install in order to comply with out-of-band emissions limits.

As mobile operators continue to densify their networks, they will have to address broader AWS spectrum interference challenges. The RFS BAS filter was designed in response to interference issues identified by one of its mobile operator customers during field tests.

“When one of our customers highlighted the interference issues with AWS-1 B block and C block spectrum, we responded with this all-in-one filter,” said Andy Stanek, Global Product Line Manager for RF Conditioning Products at RFS. “It’s a win-win solution. Operators can be assured they are meeting all of their FCC BAS filtering obligations, and broadcasters can transmit BAS signals with no worry that nearby AWS emissions will degrade signal quality.”

The new RFS BAS filter provides downlink insertion loss of just 0.3 dB. It’s easy to install and meets IP67 requirements for ingress protection.