Press Release

Mobileum Inc. (“Mobileum”), a leading global provider of analytics solutions for roaming and network services, security, risk management, testing, and monitoring, is pleased to announce that it has been referenced in the 2021 Gartner report, “ Market Trend: Expand CSPs’ Monetization with 5G, AI, Edge Compute”.[1] The report identifies Mobileum as a Service Assurance and Testing vendor.

As CSPs transition to 5G, there are new opportunities to leverage their 5G networks as a service, providing vertical industries, such as industrial automation, security, healthcare, and automotive, the ability to boost connectivity-enabled productivity and innovation. With advanced closed-loop service assurance mechanisms supported by testing and revenue assurance mechanisms in place, CSPs can pursue new business models, such as offering SLA-based pricing according to various levels of quality. However, this requires an integrated testing and charging monitoring solution encompassing the 5G device, radio access, and core network. Mobileum’s Active Intelligence platform is a leading telecom-focused analytics technology with a robust testing infrastructure, automation capabilities, and a widespread set of network interfaces that allows for an active-passive testing and monitoring approach required to support 5G SLA-based business models.

“Due to the nature of dynamic provisioning and the scaling of network capacity and resources brought on by 5G, it’s more important than ever for CSPs to ensure that the quality of service delivered is meeting SLAs and the charges for those services are accurate. We are pleased to have been included in this Gartner report as a company providing this critical business support,” stated Ron Haberman, Chief Product Officer at Mobileum.

Mobileum’s Testing and Monitoring and Risk Management solutions provide the service and connectivity customer experience monitoring required to support B2B and B2B2X business models. The in-depth portfolio provides the automation framework and performance intelligence necessary for CSPs to understand the domestic network experience spanning 5G, IoT and eSIM, mobile money, video, emergency service, IMS, voice, data and messaging, core network, to the smartphone and app experience. In addition, it is supporting CSPs across the world to test and monitor the international network experience for their roaming, IoT and connected cars, VoLTE roaming, and international Carrier customers. Recently, Mobileum announced that Audi (AUDVF) is deploying Mobileum’s Connected Car Testing solution to test and monitor the end-to-end quality of service (QoS) of their connected cars and ensure the highest service assurance standards and control over customer experience.

Sources (available to Gartner subscribers):
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