Press Release

Mobily, a tier one telecom and one of the most advanced operators in the Middle East, has gone live with the Optiva payment solution on Mobily private cloud. Given Mobily’s large customer base, speed, agility and digital-first are priorities for its success.

Mobily is recognized by the telecom industry as one of the most innovative and advanced operators in the region. It was the first operator worldwide to launch the 4G (TD-LTE) services commercially. With its move to cloud, Mobily continues its trajectory of innovation in the telecommunications sector.

“Mobily will dramatically increase its business and operational agility, flexibility and responsiveness by leveraging the cloud. This is vital to our increased growth — to meet digital market demands today and maximize our ability to seize new revenue opportunities long-term,” said Alaa Malki, CTO of Mobily.

The upgrade to cloud-native technology on the private cloud and a consolidated payment solution platform provides new benefits to subscribers, including online e-vouchers to top up their accounts. It also provides Mobily increased platform performance that will deliver operating expense (OPEX) savings.

“Mobily’s success during our 8-year partnership has been a result of Mobily continually exceeding customers’ expectations and investing in innovation. This fosters a culture of close collaboration, which allows Optiva to be a partner in supporting Mobily to achieve its business goals and expand its market opportunities,” said John Giere, President and CEO of Optiva.