Press Release

Multitone Electronics plc, a specialist in the design, manufacture and implementation of integrated communications, proudly announces the launch of the Multitone IM-Lite. This next generation platform is a powerful yet highly compact unified messaging platform, reaching the right people first time, every time in quick time.

Multitone IM-Lite is the perfect unified messaging system for any SME-sized organisation, including: private healthcare providers, retailers, warehouse operators, hotels/hospitality or small industrial/manufacturing businesses. Highly flexible to the communications needs of the organisation, IM-Lite supports up to 300 users and delivers vital efficiency and timesaving advantages.

Rupert Johnson, Product Manager at Multitone, commented, “IM-Lite targets the individual or team rather than the device, so you don’t have to worry about how the connection is made! From a user’s point of view, it is seamless, delivering automatic escalations and easy one-click messages during an incident. The system has been designed to meet the busy, security-conscious and complex communications needs of the hyper-connected world.”

IM-Lite offers manually or automatically generated messages (with follow up and resend where required) that are ideal for emergency, information or alert notifications. The solution can encompass a wide array of messaging systems including: email, desktop alerts, text, voicemail, video, paging to voice applications, whilst potentially using any of these different devices; mobile phones, paging, DECT, Wi-Fi, 2-way radio, IP telephony and traditional telephone systems.

The platform works behind the organisation’s own communications network, rather than a public system, ensuring it is highly secure and reliable. It is highly compatible with all major communications networks, along with the latest iOS and Android platforms. IM-Lite is also specifically designed to work with Multitone’s Appear secure messaging application, which extends its benefits to mobile devices. It is compliant with UK Home Office approved routing protocols designed for the emergency services.

IM-Lite is easily and effectively administrated through a user-friendly interface, with management of communications groups (including shifts or staff rotation). Direct integration with automated alarm systems also makes it perfect for centralising alerts and protecting staff and property. Additionally, IM-Lite’s robust analytics and reporting is ideal for regulatory compliance.

Rupert concluded, “IM-Lite provides a highly flexible, secure and cost-effective total integrated communications system to suit any SME-sized organisation, in any sector or industry. The solution can be easily tailored to the needs of the company and will evolve with the technology (as well as business needs), ensuring it is an investment that will provide excellent ROI well into the future.”