Despite our reliance on home connectivity we are still no better at understanding why our Wi-Fi doesn’t work

A new study conducted by conducted by Censuswide on behalf of Zen Internet has looked at a sample of 2,001 UK adults (aged 16+) that have broadband and has found an alarming lack of understanding around what impacts their connectivity. In particular, almost all (99%) are unaware of all the common household items and scenarios which could potentially be interfering with their connectivity.

Trouble with the neighbours
Over three quarters of people were unaware that nearby broadband routers may impact their own connection, not understanding the impact of proximity of multiple routers operating on the same channel, or their frequency bands clashing. Likewise, 90% of respondents did not realise that common household appliances, like their refrigerator could interfere with radio signals if positioned too close to the router.

Other myths that still seem to prevail, include 23% of respondents believing broadband devices must be placed next to a router, one in seven believing they should turn their router off at night, and over half (54%) not realizing the importance of where you position your router in your house.

The study also showed how common Wi-Fi troubles are almost a third resorting to 4G or 5G networks due to poor Wi-Fi, whilst a quarter have brought a Wi-Fi extender. Despite all the problems switching provider is not always the favoured option with one in six (16%) avoiding switching broadband provider due to fears of internet downtime caused by switching.

Paul Stobart, CEO at Zen Internet, said: “UK households continue to rely on broadband for both work and play – it has become essential to our daily lives. This means that having a fast, reliable connection has become an even bigger non-negotiable. But even with the best internet service, there are a multitude of hidden inferences within the home, the adverse impact of which many of us are completely unaware. We hope that by exposing some of these myths and common misconceptions, as well as providing practical solutions, we can help households improve their experience and make the most of their Wi-Fi.”

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