Experts from Orange Group’s Cyberdefence team say that they expect a dramatic increase in the industry’s focus on detection and response capabilities

As many as 45 per cent of businesses in Europe experience difficulty in recruiting cyber security experts, according to industry experts. 

A new study by Gartner suggests that companies in the European telecoms sector are having difficulties in sourcing adequate numbers of cyber security experts with the requisite skills package.

The report also suggests that this shortfall in availability will coincide with a sharp uptick in demand for cyber security professionals.

"Spending on enhancing detection and response capabilities is expected to be a key priority for security buyers through 2020," said Sid Deshpande, principal analyst at Gartner.

At a Cybersecurity event in Paris on Tuesday, Thomas Gourgeon, head of international development at Orange Cyberdefense, told Total Telecom that he expected a sharp increase in the amount telcos and other businesses spend on rapid detection and response solutions. 

"We expect that 60 per cent of [security] budgets will be allocated for rapid detection and response in 2020, compared to just 20 per cent in 2015," he said. 

"There’s a big shift towards detection and response, which represents the fact that we live in a world of ever evolving threats."   

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