Press Release

NetIX, the leading global distributed platform for connectivity and peering services has expanded its connectivity solutions by adding a Layer 3 Tunnelling service to enable any network to access every service.

NetIX’s Layer 3 Tunnelling service allows any network to connect into the NetIX Platform via the public Internet and take advantage of all the same benefits as members physically connected via a cross-connect.

Networks no longer need to extend their reach and be in the same data centre, city, or even country as a NetIX Point of Presence (PoP); whether it’s 1km or 10,000km if a cross-connect is not an option, it’s not a problem with Layer 3 Tunnelling.

Neven Dilkov, founder of NetIX commented, “We want every network, irrespective of where they’re located, to be able to use our Platform to exchange traffic with other members.” He continued, “Improving the quality, speed and reliability of the Internet has always been at the heart of NetIX, and we want as many people to benefit from our solutions as possible.”