Press Release

NetIX, the leading global distributed platform for connectivity and peering services has expanded upon its IXaaS solution initially launched two months ago.

NetIX’s product development team has identified 66 separate key components that together make a fully functioning IXP; the newly improved IXaaS solution allows the user to pick and choose precisely which of these 66 elements they wish to implement enabling them to create a truly bespoke IXP solution to suit their requirements.

Whilst larger networks will have a 24/7 NOC, automatic billing software, and trusted suppliers for specific hardware, many of the smaller, more remote networks that deal with quieter areas of the Internet may need to source these dedicated functions; this requires time and money. With NetIX’s improved IXaaS service you can implement all 66 elements or just three to complement your existing IX strategy.

Neven Dilkov, founder of NetIX commented, “We have always been advocates of Peering. We actively encourage networks to implement a peering solution so traffic can be exchanged faster and ISPs can provide a quicker and more reliable experience for their customers.” He continued, “We want to help all networks – no matter their size – to be able to offer local Peering Exchanges which will lead to the Internet becoming even better connected.”

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