Press Release

NetIX, the leading global distributed platform for connectivity and peering solutions has upgraded its port into AMS-IX, the Amsterdam Internet Exchange, to 100GE to keep up with its customer demand.

This upgrade will enable NetIX to continue providing access for its 180+ members to AMS-IX via either its remote peering or GIX (Global Internet Exchange) solutions.

Content networks and ISPs especially have noticed higher volumes of traffic since the COVID-19 pandemic began, and peering at NetIX is beneficial to networks of all sizes for three key reasons: it lessens the need for IP transit significantly thus reducing network costs, increases redundancy and improves network resiliency by providing a better end-user experience.

“Upgrading the port capacity on our AMS-IX connection will allow and enable us to continue carrying ever-increasing amounts of member traffic to and from the Amsterdam-based IXP,” said Dean Belev, VP of Services at NetIX. He continued, “As a reseller it means we have no limitations in the near future for offering access into AMS-IX for networks not wanting to invest heavily in expensive hardware and infrastructure.”

“We are thrilled to see our partner NetIX thrive on our exchange in Amsterdam,” said Onno Bos, Sales Director at AMS-IX. “This upgrade shows that networks from both East and West benefit from increased connectivity in Amsterdam.”

This upgrade was due for NetIX, who has experienced a series of record breaking traffic peaks over the past three months. Since December NetIX’s traffic peaks have increased by over 350 Gbps and now regularly reaches impressive peaks of more than 1 Terabits per second.

The NetIX platform brings simplicity to network expansions via a single connection; NetIX is home to 180+ members, 30+ IXPs, and 8,000+ networks across 65 cities and any connected network can benefit by connecting to any peer or location using the same port.

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