Press Release

Launching in late 2021, MoCA Link™, for broadband services including 5G, satellite and fiber PON, gives providers an access path into a home using pre-installed coax

Simultaneous working, learning, streaming, and gaming is pushing broadband service providers to offer faster networking delivery to the home and inside the home. To enhance delivery inside a home, particularly Wi-Fi coverage, broadband service providers want to put the gateway or Wi-Fi router in the center of a home. The challenge for service providers to bring the network into the center of a home without the high cost and the disruption of installing new wiring can be significant.

A new standard, set to launch later this year by MoCA®, Multimedia over Coax Alliance, called MoCA Link™, offers a possible solution.

MoCA Link™ 2.5 is ultra-low latency, high-speed point-to-point connectivity bridge that simplifies installation from external receiver or access network termination point to the internal home gateway or Wi-Fi router. MoCA Link™ 2.5 uses pre-installed coax to connect the outside network edge and the access path into a home.

“MoCA Link™ 2.5 delivers the ultra-fast speed, high bandwidth and low latency that customers want with the ease of installation that service providers need,” said MoCA President Dr. Jim Crammond. “The Alliance’s inherent expertise in new applications for pre-installed coax cabling lets broadband service providers link receivers on the outside of a home to a gateway inside the home simply, efficiently, and cost-effectively.”

With its sub-millisecond latency and 2.5 Gbps of high bandwidth and reverse power feed enabling capabilities, MoCA Link™ is the install solution for broadband service providers requiring easy access from outside to inside a home.

Initial Applications for MoCA Link™ 2.5:
• Connecting 5G receivers on the outside of the home to the Wi-Fi router inside the home,
• Connecting satellite receivers on the roof of the home to the Wi-Fi router inside the home,
• Connecting the PON ONU at the edge of the home to the Wi-Fi router inside the home.

MoCA Link™ 2.5 technology to include:
• 2.5 Gbps Multi-Gigabit speeds;
• Ultra-low latency of less than one (1) millisecond;
• Reverse power feed capabilities;
• Standard traffic shaping support and Quality of Service.