Press Release

NFON AG, a leading global provider of cloud telephony, announces the new generation of the NFON client, a service that will replace its current FMC client and integrates, for example, its softphone, Ncontrol and others in a singular app. “The world of work is changing at a rapid pace – all across Europe. We are servicing this with a revolutionary all-in-one service. This will give, our partners the freedom they need to meet the essential communication needs of end users,, anytime and anywhere,” says Markus Krammer, Vice President Products and New Business, NFON AG.

In this context, NFON AG is saying goodbye to third-party suppliers and underscoring its strategy of in-house development. Jan-Peter Koopmann, Chief Technology Officer of NFON AG, adds: "We have continuously perfected our platform over the past few years. On this basis, we can now set up a service for the communication of tomorrow. The new NFON will be fully developed in-house and brought to market in 2018.”

The new NFON service, which will be available in the course of the coming year, integrates Voice, Call through, Telephone Handover, Click2Dial, Call List and Voicemail, Contacts, eFax, Subscribed Audio Conferences, Source Based Call Forwarding and other functions at the market launch. It will be available in one app for Android, iOS as well as Windows and macOS and, thanks to WebRTC, it can also be used via browser. The NFON app will form the basis for future collaboration services, such as screen sharing, group chat and video.

NFON AG also relies on a wide range of functions in order to achieve a noticeable simplification and visible standardization in a new service. Markus Krammer adds: "NFON 2018 will not only unite the user interface of different services, but will also put these previously separate technologies into the background. There is one maxim in the development process: absolute ease of use."

The new NFON stands for device-independent and intuitive communication. NFON’s Europe-wide success is based on the high availability and continuous perfection of its platform. Jan-Peter Koopmann adds: "A frontend can only ever be as good as the backend behind it. NFON 2018 is a breathtaking service, a quality claim ‘Made in Germany’, which is perfectly based on our platform and will not only underline our market leadership in Europe, but also proves our ability to innovate.” In addition, white label partners are given the opportunity to brand the respective application with individual branding. In the spring of 2018, selected partners will be able to test the beta version and train for the new NFON with attractive training courses.