Located in the Yangon Technological University Campus, the centre will act as a centre of excellence to drive 5G research and development in one of Asia’s fastest growing economies

Nokia and Ooredoo have joined forces to launch Myanmar’s first 5G Telecommunications and Technology Centre in Yangon. The centre will be used by students and research graduates at the Yangon Technological University, who will work on developing a series of use cases for 5G in Myanmar.   

“Education and empowering youth are key focus areas at Ooredoo. As a leading partner in this initiative, we are happy to work with Nokia to set up the Nokia Technology Center and help initiate an internship program for the benefit of technology students. We at Ooredoo care for communities and people of Myanmar, therefore, to train, develop and nurture the county’s future engineering talent,” Vikram Sinha, CEO, Ooredoo Myanmar Limited, said.  

Nokia and Ooredoo have also joined forces to offer a new diploma programme at the university to help train up the next generation of telecoms engineers in the country.  

“At Nokia we are obsessed with value creation and talent development, which happen to be the key pillars of this program. YTU and Oulu University’s diploma program is a great initiative for the youth of Myanmar. The Nokia Technology Center will serve as a catalyst to provide students with the latest and most advanced 5G technology, featuring innovations from Bell Labs. This initiative is setting the pace and standards for the industry at large. As a 5G technology leader, we were a natural choice for YTU to enrich the exposure of its students to state-of- the-art technology,” said Dr. Danabalan Amirthalingam, Head of Nokia Myanmar.