A boon for Nokia as Huawei loses out again in Europe

Yesterday, Iliad Group announced that it has selected Nokia for its 5G rollout in both France and Italy. 
Nokia and Iliad Group already have a long history, having worked together in France since 2012 and in Italy since 2018.
“We want to offer our customers the best possible 5G experience and that is why we have chosen to strengthen and accelerate our relationship with Nokia as we enter the 5G ear,” said Iliad Group CEO Thomas Reynaud.
Financial terms of the deal were not revealed. 
This announcement comes less than a month after Orange announced their selection of Nokia and Ericsson for their 5G network. Thus, Iliad Group’s announcement means that two of the major French operators have now eschewed Huawei for 5G, despite EU guidelines not specifically banning the Chinese giant. The remaining major French operators, Bouygues Telecom and SFR, have yet to declare their allegiances when it comes to equipment, although Bouygues Telecom is reportedly conducting 5G tests in Lyon.
We are seeing a similar trend in Italy. TIM is using Ericsson for its 5G network, while Vodafone is using a combination of Nokia and Huawei. Vodafone has recently committed to removing Huawei from the core of all of its European networks, perhaps in anticipation of future headaches related to security legislation.
Wind Tre and Fastweb are both using Ericsson, and both signed a strategic agreement in June to share their networks, an agreement to which Iliad objects.
It should be remembered that Iliad is the odd man out in the Italian ecosystem, since Vodafone and TIM also have shharing plans, aiming to merge their tower infrastructure into a single operating company. Iliad also opposes this deal, which is currently being scrutinised by regulators to ascertain whether this deal would violate antitrust laws.
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