Press Release

Test call generation and revenue assurance vendor, Roscom, has become the first to provide the telecoms sector – fixed line and mobile – with carbon neutral testing.

All of the company’s test call generators used for margin and revenue assurance are powered by 700 plus solar photovoltaics panels using semiconductor technology to convert energy from sunlight into electricity at its headquarters based in Derby in the UK.

Roscom , , works with companies from UK companies O2, BT, EE, Virgin and Three to Orange worldwide, Ooredoo and Etisalat Groups in the Middle East, C& W in the US and Caribbean and down to Optus and Telstra in Australia to ensure their billing is accurate to a tenth of a second. Roscom’s work also supports the businesses in fighting fraud and complying with telecoms regulators like Ofcom and similar organisations across the globe.

All the office equipment, light, heating and energy used to run the building is carbon neutral too. This means all the services offered by the company and run by the company from its HQ are 100 per cent powered by its own energy.

From May the company is also offering free workplace charging points and car benefit buying schemes to encourage their employees use PHEV and electric cars. There is also provision for charging the company’s fleet cars, and vans while also providing free of cost charging and taxation to all employees including electric bikes.

CEO and managing director Simon Taylor said: “We have considered for some time the best way to support the environment and reduce our carbon footprint. This investment in solar panels at our headquarters will provide all the energy we need, not just to run our offices, but to carry out our work testing and measuring the mobile phone and fixed line telecoms across the world.

“We all have a responsibility and I hope that by being the pioneers in our sector we will show others it can and should be done. Thought leading operators like O2 want companies like us in their supplier chain to be carbon neutral as part of their overall environmental aims and goals as well as corporate responsibility objectives.”