NTT Group has announced plans to increased use of renewable energy and lower energy consumption with an aim to achieve carbon neutrality by 2040.

Revealed as part of an environment and energy vision called "NTT Green Innovation Toward 2040" the two pronged plan seeks achieve zero environmental impact and deliver economic growth the way they plan business activities and what they term "Creation of Breakthrough Innovation".

This all coincides with NTT’s response to the post COVID work environment, adopting a new management style suitable for a "decentralized network society", which includes developing an IT environment designed to enable employees to work from anywhere.

In a major change for NTT, staff will be able to choose their own workplace as part of a strategy new strategy that aims to decentralise the organisation from its focus on major metropolitan areas to regional areas creating a "network-like organization".

On the environmental side of the plan, NTT Group has set new goals with the aim of achieving an 80 percent reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and carbon neutrality for mobile (NTT Docomo) and data centres by 2030 and carbon neutrality for NTT Group by 2040.

This is all designed as part of NTT’s response to support the Japanese government’s declaration of "Carbon Neutrality by 2050".