O2 have announced a new Green Savings Calculator which could help businesses to identify ways to reduce their carbon footprint and save them money with long-term flexible working. The Calculator could save an estimated £53bn for UK plc.

The Green Savings Calculator works by using information on travel and office space, provided by individual businesses and then identifies the ways that flexible working might save the business money and reduce carbon emissions. The Calculator has been built and tested by O2’s initiative “The Lab” and is based on calculations from the Carbon Trust.

During the trials, it was calculated that an average company with 1000 employees could potentially save £2.6m in energy, travel and office-related costs. A move to flexible working for a company such as this could save up to 534 tonnes of CO2 per year and 85,196 hours on commuting and business travel.

With uncertainty prevailing in light on the ongoing pandemic, many expect the shift towards flexible working to be a permanent change. It is hoped that O2’s new tool will help businesses to build the case to invest in the digital tools and capabilities, thus increasing confidence and facilitating the move towards flexible working.

O2, a leading provider of flexible working technology and connectivity, are practising what they preach and have set their own target to become the UK’s first telecom operator to achieve net zero in their own operations.

Speaking at the Carbon Trust’s Corporate Sustainability Summit this week, Mark Evans, CEO of O2 said, “The pandemic has undoubtedly been tough for Britain, but it is also a catalyst for change. The surge in flexible working is already delivering clear benefits for people, businesses, and the environment, that we should look to carry into the future…Mobile and digital connectivity, smartly designed and deployed, can help businesses and industries to improve their productivity and efficiency, while reducing carbon emissions. All businesses need to start thinking green with every decision they make.”

Companies can find out how they can use the Green Savings Calculator through O2’s website.