The UK mobile network operator has signed a deal with the National Health Service to develop a series of healthcare related 5G use cases

O2 has announced that it is to accelerate its research and development in the field of 5G connected ambulances, after signing a deal with Samsung and the NHS in the UK.

“Healthcare is one of the areas set to benefit most from 5G technology.” O2’s chief operating officer, Derek McManus, told reporters at The Telegraph.

O2 will conduct a test pilot programme with six 5G connected ambulances from the East of England Ambulance Trust showcasing a range of cutting-edge healthcare use cases.

“Telcos are obviously keen to see a return on their 5G investments and turning their attention to industrial use cases is one way to do that. There is no doubt that healthcare is one of the verticals that can instantly benefit from 5G and I would expect to see more announcements like this from the UK’s other mobile network operators soon,” said James Casey, a telecoms analyst with Swift.

The initial pilot will take place at Millbrook vehicle test centre in Bedfordshire, where O2 has a number of connected vehicle test cases in operation.

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