Total Telecom will release the full Global 100 at the TT Congress in October

AT&T retained its crown as the world’s biggest telco, over the last financial year, posting revenues of €142.048 billion, comfortably edging out its domestic rival Verizon on €111.512 billion.

The news comes as Total Telecom launches the latest edition of its Global 100 report, which ranks the world’s biggest telcos according to their net revenues.

Unsurprisingly, US telcos dominated the top 10, with European and Asian operators casting envious glances at a market where 350 million subscribers are served by just four telcos (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint).

T-Mobile’s European parent company Deutsche Telekom remained in 5th place, buoyed by a strong performance in the US, posting revenues of €74.947 billion. Similarly, Sprint’s Japanese parent, SoftBank, remained in sixth place, with extremely healthy revenues of €74.592 billion. With T-Mobile and Sprint’s merger all but approved (at time of going to press, the pair were awaiting final approval from the Federal Communication’s Commission, having already secured the green light from the US Department of Justice), expect to see Deutsche Telekom’s net revenues surge in next year’s rankings.

The US has been one of the first markets to launch 5G mobile network services and currently boasts the fastest maximum download speeds anywhere in the world. It’s decision to launch 5G with mmWave spectrum means that it is one of only four countries in the world where 5G users can expect to receive speeds in excess of 1Gbps (a recent study showed the US offered the fastest maximum download speeds anywhere in the world, clocking an impressive 1.8Gbps).

As America’s big four (soon to be big three) telcos continue to build out and densify their 5G networks, they will open the door to a whole host of content-based revenue streams. Expect to see US telcos cashing in on this, over the next 12 months, particularly as T-Mobile and Sprint’s forthcoming merger reduces competition for consumers and allows telcos to push up prices.


Total Telecom will be launching its Global 100 report at the Total Telecom Congress event in London next month. Click here for more information on the show and the Global 100.