The Express Southern Hemisphere subsea cables connection will pave the way for a global digital highway stretching from South America to Asia, via Africa

Angola Cables and TM Global have obtained a proof of concept certification for a proposed subsea link between Asia and Latin America, taking a direct route through the southern hemisphere.

Currently, the majority of traffic between the regions is directed through longer routes in the northern hemisphere. The proposed route for the Express Southern Hemisphere cable will deliver far lower latency levels between the two locations while simultaneously boosting capacity.  

The new express route will connect Asia to South America while bypassing Middle East and Europe, providing a more direct route. Angola Cables and TM Global say that the new route will act as a catalyst for the creation of more effective digital ecosystems within the southern hemisphere.

The initiative is expected to transform data transfer between countries and economies, enabling more robust connection amongst backhaul providers, content/application providers and content delivery network providers in a more efficient data sharing process.

“TM Global and Angola Cables believe that this initiative will provide better options for service providers in growing their business and expanding their reachability to new and niche markets. Both parties will continue to explore other potential collaboration areas in penetrating new market opportunities and serving the customers who are looking for diversity, high resiliency route and better quality of service,” a spokesman for the company’s told Total Telecom.

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