Press Release

A study of South Korean mobile telephone usage has revealed that users on the Olleh network get the best overall download speeds across South Korea, based on typical usage. Users with Samsung Galaxy’s S5 enjoyed the best download performance compared to those with other devices. The study, published by Tutela, the crowdsourced mobile data company, analysed data from over 10 million mobile phone users for the month of May 2017, evaluating usage patterns from over 1 million users per day.

The report, which is available to download for free from Tutela’s website also reveals that users on the LG Network use more data on 4G than any other network. Another highlight from the report is the revelation that users with LG’s G5 device typically use 20% more data than other users.

Tutela aggregates performance and usage data from over 200 million mobile devices across the globe by running in the background of over 1,000 popular mobile applications. The data is held securely on a cloud-based database and analytics platform. Insights include comparisons of mobile carriers, mobile usage trends, comparisons of mobile device types as well as detailed technical network performance statistics. Data is processed and published via a web-based dashboard and through reports, delivering insights which enable mobile companies to spot gaps, improve mobile internet services and identify opportunities to invest to improve the quality of the mobile internet.

Tom Luke, Vice President, Tutela, said: “The data in this report represents behavior of mobile phone users in South Korea for the month of May, although we are constantly monitoring usage statistics. The points we have highlighted are the tip of the iceberg in terms of the wealth of insight that can be extracted from these reports. Our method of collecting data provides the most comprehensive picture of the performance and usage of mobile devices across the country, drilling right down to specific street addresses and locations.”

Tutela does not collect any personal information or unique device data. This protects the device owner’s privacy, and ensures compliance with data protection and privacy laws such as the EU Data Protection Directive and COPPA.