Press Release

For the first time, telecom operators globally can deliver fiber-speed connectivity services to enterprise customers over their existing copper plant, thanks to a new line of multi-service access routers unveiled today by OneAccess, subsidiary of EKINOPS (Euronext Paris – FR0011466069 – EKI).

The new product set within the ONE series portfolio includes the first enterprise-focused access platforms to integrate Broadcom’s latest BCM63138SE chipset. To exploit the power of the new chip, OneAccess has purpose-designed software for the SMB, branch office and multi-site enterprise environments, including support for VDSL2+ (Profile 35b) and bonded VDSL services. These routers enable operators to deliver up to 300 Mb/s symmetric services without the cost, disruption and delay of introducing fiber. The product range also includes options to deliver fiber connectivity to support fiber with copper backup deployments as well as deliver high-speed fiber to the premises (FTTP) at up to 1 Gb/s for Internet traffic.
“The availability of these technologies for the business marketplace is a big deal for operators,” comments Pravin Mirchandani, CMO, OneAccess Networks. “The increasing demand for Cloud services is pushing up business demand for higher bandwidths. If a standard VDSL2 connection becomes insufficient and no fiber cabling is present, VDSL2+ (Profile 35b) and bonded VDSL are compelling alternatives. These technologies enable the copper plant to go faster and go further than ever before.

“OneAccess’ specialist expertise in router design has enabled it to harness the power of Broadcom’s chipset and deliver an enterprise access platform that can support a wide range of deployment models including high-speed copper, fiber with copper backup and FTTP,” adds Mirchandani. “These products can open a new market for high speed services; operators can now sign up new customers for them regardless of the access technology they have available.”
The fact that OneAccess is first to market with these technologies reflects its express focus on developing network access solutions that create business opportunities for telecom operators globally.

VDSL2+ (Profile 35b) and bonded VDSL are the latest evolutions of VDSL2 technology, and were standardized in November 2015. They offer downstream rates up to 300 Mb/s over distances less than 250m and upstream rates up to 100Mb/s over a single copper wire pair. Bonded VDSL combines two or more classical VDSL2 line pairs and, over a given distance, multiplies the available bandwidth by the number of bonded pairs.

The ONE521 and ONE531, part of the new range, are the next iteration of OneAccess platforms to run on OneOS6, OneAccess’ recently launched flexible, NETCONF-ready operating system. The combination of next generation VDSL technologies, FTTP and OneOS6 will allow operators to retain maximum flexibility and choice over how they deliver these high-speed services and network functions to their customers.

The new platforms are available to operators today and are already shipping to select customers in Europe. More technical information on the new platforms is available on OneAccess website, here: