It has never been more apparent, especially during the time of a current global crisis, that broadband connectivity is the heartbeat of people’s communications and plays a crucial role in our day-to-day lives. The industry must continue to harness and leverage the latest technologies to unlock the multitude of services in our homes such as streaming, gaming and working from home. 

When installing communications systems infrastructure, the largest outlay is the installation of ducts and cables underground. Consequently, operators need to make sure they utilise the most appropriate solutions and dig once to future-proof their networks.
While the roll out of network builds in cities, towns and rural areas across the UK continues to grow at an exponential rate, Emtelle continues to innovate and develop new products to meet the rising demand, while also responding effectively to the requirements of customers by delivering products that support a more sustainable and future-proof digital infrastructure. As a leading global supplier of a wide range of telecommunication and power solutions that serve key Fibre-To-The-X (FTTX) players across the UK, Emtelle has been focused on providing a solution that ensures both industry giants and Altnets have an offering that allows them to build out networks effortlessly, that fulfil not only their requirements now, but in the future and beyond. No two operators approach fibre roll outs in the same way, however, Emtelle seeks to provide a level of standardisation that can be universally adopted by all. Not only are Emtelle a main supplier in the UK, but there are also two manufacturing plants and a fibre connector termination house situated in the UK, enabling us to manufacture to order and deliver across the lengths of the UK and Ireland.
A “dig once” policy
As fibre and communications requirements become denser, operators will require more connectivity in a closer proximity. By investing in future duct capacity, this will offer significant long-term savings and ensures that operators can effectively future-proof their networks. With fibre demands set to rise in the coming years, operators will require easy access to fibre at any point in the network and by utilising Emtelle’s OneDig strategy, operators will not need to undertake additional digging or re-open trenches. 
It is a costly operation to build out a new network and this can be compounded by mass disruption to physical infrastructure, and limited future capacity. Emtelle’s OneDig strategy effectively resolves these issues. Helping to resolve civil projects, Emtelle’s innovative range of solutions were developed to provide its customers with a sustainable and long-term practice for the future. The future of communication is unknown, but the future requirement for fibre is a certainty. It is therefore imperative that operators put provision in place now to facilitate this future growth. With Emtelle’s solutions, it provides the foundations to dig once and dig it right first time. 

Why Emtelle’s OneDig strategy?
By pre-installing fibre into the ground, operators will be able to access it anywhere, anytime without adding new manholes or splice closures, and this can be achieved with Emtelle’s MULTIFU and RTRYVA™ solutions. By utilising Emtelle’s Blown Fibre solutions, where the fibres are connectorised with LC or SC connectors, the installation and connecting of fibres for FTTX has never been as easy. Operators can easily access pathways anywhere along its route and fill with fibre at a later date – A True Plug and Play Solution. Operators will also have pathways for large fibre cables of more than 288 fibres, down to a pair of fibres for homes and small IoT devices. 
With the groundwork completed in advance, Emtelle’s solutions are a more sustainable way of building a network with less future disruption and a reduced requirement for re-laying networks at a later date. It helps to provide a dedicated pathway to each home or building for FTTX and enables future upgrading with increased fibre or new fibre types, without the need to re-open the network. Typically, microducts run along paths passing homes, buildings and businesses. The main benefits of microducts when installed is the ability to be able to access any microduct at any point along the path to provide provision for future. Emtelle provides a network that will be future-proofed, not only for fibre but for remote powering of devices in the future in the age of Internet of Things (IoT), Smart Cities and 5G. 
With a number of clients across the globe, our customers are empowered to future-proof their networks under the Emtelle OneDig strategy. By adopting this stance, operators will have access to simplified and more cost-effective deployments. Dig once, dig it right the first time with OneDig.
To hear more from Emtelle team, David Parsons, Sales Director of UK & Ireland will be speaking on Day 1 of Connected Britain in the Project Rollout Track on the solutions to maximise network build efficiencies and rollout in urban and rural applications. Check out the agenda here and book your ticket now!