The UK-based Low Earth Orbit firm successfully launched 36 satellites over the weekend, with the successful deployment of the satellites confirmed by NewSpace India Limited

This launch marks OneWeb’s 18th launch and completes the total planned constellation of 618 satellites, with 588 earmarked to deliver global coverage with additional ones launched for resiliency and redundancy purposes, and OneWeb will soon be able to roll out global coverage through partner firms. While the total number of 618 satellites is far less than Starlink’s 3,000 the deployment “is the most significant milestone in the history of OneWeb, as we reach the satellites needed for global coverage,” added Neil Masterson, CEO of OneWeb.

“Over several years we have remained focused on our commitment to deliver coverage solutions for the customers and communities that need it most. With today’s satellite deployment, facilitated by our expert team and our partners at ISRO and NSIL, we are realising this central ambition.”

This also marks the second deployment from India, which has been earmarked as a key focus area for the company, with OneWeb committed to bringing connectivity to even the most remote areas across the country.

With OneWeb now firmly established, it’ll be interesting to see where their focus shifts to next, and where satellite connectivity will evolve following its transition to an increasingly affordable technology.