At Connected Britain 2023, we caught up with John Cassidy, Business Development Manager at Ciena to discuss the company’s recent acquisitions and its focus on creating flexibility for its customers

The past year has seen Ciena move in a new and interesting direction, with recent acquisitions making their residential fibre-to-the-home offerings more holistic than ever before.

“We’ve done a series of acquisitions over the past year. We acquired Benu, which is our virtualised BNG solution, and we’ve also acquired Tibit, which is our micro-OLT solution – it’s an OLT on a plug,” explained Cassidy. “We’re trying to show that when you combine these with our routing platform, which has been established for around 12 years, you have a whole end-to-end solution to offer our customers.”

“We’re trying to compress the business cases so you can get to places you couldn’t get to before,” he explained. “For example, in rural areas, the fact that you’ve got a one box solution to get to your customers really tightens the cost base. That’s a key advantage and brings a lot of flexibility.”

You can watch the full Connected Britain interview from the link below

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