International competition authorities have approved the acquisition of a 100% stake of Basefarm Holding by Orange Business Services

Orange has completed the acquisition of leading European cloud-based infrastructure provider, Basefarm, following approval from regulatory authorities. Basefarm recorded revenues of over €100m in 2017 and has seen steady growth since its launch. The company has a strong customer base spread across Europe.

Basefarm will now fall under the stewardship of Orange’s Business Service’s division and will give the company added penetration across northern Europe.

"Basefarm has a strong operational presence in several European countries, particularly in Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands, Austria and in Germany, where it boasts a cutting-edge big data activity with its subsidiary, The Unbelievable Machine Company. Its business proposition lies at the forefront of innovative services in cloud computing, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, thanks to the widely-recognized expertise of its 550 employees for maximum customer satisfaction," a spokesperson for Orange Business Services said in a statement to the press.  

The acquisition will compliment Orange Business Service’s existing portfolio of services and will present new areas of expertise and innovative technologies, particularly in data management, the management of critical applications, Big Data and multi-cloud services.

“We are very proud to announce the acquisition of Basefarm, which will mark a major milestone in our international development. In particular, the company’s integration will enable us to significantly extend our Big Data and critical application management services on a rapidly consolidating market. In addition to our ability to offer access to public or private cloud infrastructure, it is above all our capacity to propose enriched, automated services to our customers, wherever they are in the world, that will enable us to support companies as they transform onto new, digital models based on cloud-computing, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence,” said Helmut Reisinger, chief executive officer of Orange Business Services.

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