Hyperoptic owns and operates the UK’s fastest growing fibre to the home (FTTH) network

Hyperoptic has signed a deal with one of the UK’s major home builders to provide gigabit broadband access to new build properties in Scotland. 

The deal with CALA Homes will offer residents "day one access" to Hyperoptic’s full fibre broadband network.  

The partnership will see Hyperoptic deploying its services at seventeen new housing developments across Scotland. 

“This partnership with CALA Homes enables us to expedite our Scottish expansion via installing our services at the build stage. Hyperoptic is committed to lead the charge to Gigabit Scotland. We announced our intention to expand our full fibre network to Scotland in 2015. Since then we have been working steadily to expand our footprint, with the aim of connecting hundreds of thousands of Scottish residents in the coming years,” said Sharon Maybury, national manager, Hyperoptic.

Hyperoptic’s full fibre broadband network is already live in Glasgow and Edinburgh, where it passes over 15,000 homes and businesses. 

Hyperoptic currently provides around half a million FTTH connections in the UK, so its plans to scale up to reach 2 million more homes by 2022 and 5 million by 2025, represents a significant challenge for the UK’s biggest gigabit broadband provider. The company has recently raised £250 million to expedite the rollout of its FTTH network. 

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