Today’s traditional telco and cable broadband service providers are faced with a difficult situation. Their customers are demanding flexible user-defined services available when and where they need them. Alternative providers’ Over-the-Top (OTT) and Web-based services have been successful at meeting these demands and if operators want to protect their current market share and attract new customers, they must find a better way to compete.


The application centric, platform economy that consumers live in today is disrupting many industries, flipping traditional business models to be more aligned with those used by Web-scale companies such as Uber, Netflix, Amazon and Google. The economics of "platforms" is setting the mould for the digital economy, transforming the future for businesses old and new. This will have a profound effect on health care, education, transportation, energy, financial services, food and government services. These sectors, now ripe for disruption,represent more than 60 percent of the Global economy.

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