Orange has bolstered its international network with the launch of the AMITIE subsea cable. The system spans 6,800km and connects the US East Coast, France, and England. Orange is responsible for overseeing the French segment of the network and owns 2 out of the 16 available fibre pairs.

Orange’s participation in the AMITIE cable complements its previous investment in the Dunant cable which also connects the France to the US, via a different route. The Dunant system went live in January 2021.

Speaking in an interview this week, Michaël Trabbia, CEO of Orange Wholesale commented: “We are continually investing into new infrastructure to remain relevant to our customers and with AMITIE, we are talking about the US-Europe route which is a major route where the traffic is continuously growing.

On the AMITIE cable, we have 2 fibre pairs…which is big for this kind of route. They will be used for retail needs and for our customers, for Orange France, Belgium, Spain, and so on. In Africa, because all this traffic will pass via other cables. It’s also something that we will use for wholesale. We want to move into a more industry-centric way of thinking, meaning that we don’t consider the needs of the retail market, but we want to integrate the industry’s needs and that’s why we are going to be able to propose this route to other players.”

AMITIE is owned by a consortium which includes Microsoft, Aqua Comms, Vodafone, and Meta, with the latter holding an 80% majority ownership share. ASN was the turn-key supplier for the project. Orange is the landing party for the Le Porge landing in France and owns and manages the segment of the cable within French territory.

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