Orange has restructured its Group Executive Committee, which is responsible for steering the strategic direction of the company

Orange has made seven new additions to its Group Executive Committee as the company seeks to focus on expanding its international operations in the coming years. 

Laurent Paillassot, chief executive officer of the group’s second largest country business  unit, Orange Spain,  has been appointed deputy chief executive officer of Orange Group. 

Alioune Ndiaye has been appointed to the role of CEO for Orange’s Middle East and Africa division. Ndiaye will be focussed on developing the region’s push towards digitalisation as the company looks to roll out 4G across the continent of Africa

“This is a decisive step in Orange’s transformation that has been in preparation for a number of years. Together, we have already restored confidence within the Group and returned the business to revenue and EBITDA margin growth in a fiercely competitive environment. Today, we are pushing back the boundaries of digital services by confirming our goals of diversification into financial services, cybersecurity and the connected home. This transformation has been made possible by the continuous drive for excellence in our role as a network operator,” said Stéphane Richard, chief executive and chairman of Orange.      

Nicolas Guerin has been appointed as the secretary general and secretary of the board. He has been in this role since 1st March 2018. 

Hughues Foulon (executive director for cybersecurity), Valerie Le Boulanger (executive director for human resources), Helmut Reisinger (CEO for Orange Business Services) have also won positions on Orange’s Group Executive Committee, which will meet every two months to consult on the company’s strategic objectives.