Press Release

Europe’s leading cloud service provider is now offering its most secure, resilient & scalable private cloud services to organisations developing Healthcare Information Systems in the UK.

Implementing innovation in the healthcare sector requires highly scalable computing power and storage. This includes the development of neural networks for state-of-the-art medical imaging, 3D modelling and DNA sequencing.

Additionally, personal health data is both critical and sensitive, so requires extremely secure processing to protect data integrity and confidentiality for patients and healthcare providers alike. This is of upmost importance as the sector is a prime target for cyber attacks – the value of a stolen electronic health record is 200 to 2000 times that of a hacked bank card on the black market[1].

To better meet the specific needs of the healthcare sector, OVHcloud has developed an accessible, tailored solution:
– OVHcloud Hosted Private Cloud: fully isolated cloud infrastructure, built using a VMware Software-Defined Data Centre (SDDC) verified environment, managed and hosted in the OVHcloud data centre in London;
– Dedicated HG Servers: high performance bare metal servers specially designed to address healthcare-specific needs, acting as an excellent resource for large databases, intensive computing and mass storage;
– Dedicated customer support for Healthcare clients including 24/7 service handled with top priority, a first reply time commitment of 30 minutes or less, and personalised deployment support for new customers;
– Guaranteed compliance with the strictest Healthcare data hosting security regulations worldwide (HDS certification and HIPAA compliance), including UK healthcare data hosting regulations and the highest levels of IT security commitments (DPA 2018, GDPR, ISO/IEC 27001, SOC 1 & 2 Type II, and CSA STAR certification);
– All the specific features of OVHcloud solutions: including bandwidth and access to vRack technology to connect, isolate, or allocate compatible OVHcloud services within one or more private networks.

“Our OVHcloud Healthcare offering delivers all the advantages of a flexible, scalable solution on fully-dedicated, highly secure and auditable infrastructure. It’s been designed to provide a trustworthy solution for healthcare organisations seeking hassle-free transition to the cloud. We’re delighted to now be extending this offering to the UK market.” explains OVHcloud CEO Michel Paulin.

A single pan-European cloud infrastructure for healthcare data hosting

OVHcloud Healthcare was first rolled out in France in 2016. Today, it is used by several hundred companies and healthcare institutions, and also it is available to host Healthcare data from Germany, Italy, Poland and from today, the UK.

This extensive coverage makes it easy for healthcare organisations to deploy projects across Europe on a single infrastructure, in full compliance with local laws and GDPR, and protected from all extraterritorial legislation like the CLOUD Act from the USA.

Managed infrastructure solutions use state of the art security controls including a Zero Trust model specifically developed by OVHcloud to prevent unauthorised access, enhanced traceability & traffic monitoring.

According to Inovelan Managing Director Christian Gourdin “INOVELAN, a subsidiary of the DEDALUS group, European leader in health-related information systems, was one of the first companies to implement health pathway solutions on OVHcloud Healthcare infrastructure. We’ve been using the OVHcloud Healthcare infrastructure for our health pathway platform SaaS offer for three years now, enabling us to deliver our services to healthcare clients with very high levels of availability and security. We especially like the flexibility of OVHcloud Healthcare infrastructures: this makes it easy to for us to respond to changes in how clients are using our solutions.”

Affordable solutions, backed by a partner ecosystem

By continuing to develop simpler, more intelligent and increasingly standardised manufacturing processes on an industrial scale, OVHcloud infrastructure is able to provide its customers with improved performance whilst still reducing costs. Indeed, the successful migration from an on-premises IT solution to an OVHcloud Hosted Private Cloud can reduce OpEx by up to 56%[2]

Thanks to predictable pricing, users can buy OVHcloud Healthcare solutions knowing there are no hidden costs. OVHcloud maintains transparency by putting all pricing online, which is particularly helpful for Hosted Private Cloud packages & high-end bare metal packages, where costs are not usually publicly available.

Clients can also choose to count on OVHcloud partners for integration and/or systems management of their service operating in the healthcare sector. OVHcloud works closely with several such companies within its OVHcloud Partner Program. One such firm partnering with OVHcloud to facilitate digital transformation in the healthcare sector is Capgemini.

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