Vodafone Qatar’s CTO, Ramy Boctor, says that gigabit connectivity is essential to kickstart the global digital economy

Fibre to the Home (FTTH) and 5G mobile connectivity will be vital tools in cultivating a truly global digital economy, according to Vodafone Qatar’s CTO, Ramy Boctor

Speaking exclusively to Total Telecom in the run up to the Total Telecom Congress this week, Boctor said that he hoped that Qatar’s aggressive rollout of next generation fixed line and mobile networks would act as an inspiration to other countries around the world.  

"With converged services, soon 5G and fibre enabled customers will enjoy gigabit speeds everywhere. Gigabit connectivity is key enabler in transforming any nation, not only GCC [Gulf Cooperation Council] nations, towards digital smart nations. Qatar’s National Vision 2030 emphasises the importance of high speed internet, Vodafone Qatar also focused on enabling the nation with appropriate up to date technologies," he said.

Boctor also stated that by investing in the integrity of their 4G networks, mobile network operators could smooth the transition to 5G, and provide tomorrow’s technology, today.

"Launching 5G in Qatar was a milestone that was preceded by several investments that we were committed to making in the country. One of these was upgrading our network and that included increasing the 4G bandwidth on more than 80% of our network and expanding our 4G coverage to 98% of our outdoor mobile sites, out of which 90% are on 4G+," he said.

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