Telcos must act now if they are to secure a sizeable market share in the lucrative IoT market, according to senior industry experts

Speaking to Total Telecom ahead of the Total Telecom Congress in London this week, MTS’ Vice President for Sales and Customer Service, Kirill Dmitriev, said that competition in the IoT market place was starting  to intensify.

"The competition in the IoT market is intensifying. Different players including telecoms, IT service providers, device manufacturers are all trying to capture a portion of this growing market. 

"Startups and new small players are making noise in the IoT arena getting involved in the race to develop the coolest IoT solutions. We can expect a series of new market challengers in the IoT analytics, machine learning and AI space as this data deluge is going to require sophisticated tools to manage," he explained.  

Dmitriev also spoke of the need for new business models as telcos look to evolve their service offering in both the consumer and enterprise side of the business.

"This market is also new for the operators, requiring business models and processes that are different from what has been used up till now. To be successful in IoT business, and to be able to compete, telecoms have to transform, to change processes and fit them around the IoT business. That’s just what we are doing at MTS. We are optimistic about our future prospects in the IoT. Thanks to the NB-IoT network coverage and our technical competency, MTS is exceptionally well positioned to become one of the largest suppliers of commercial IoT services in Russia," he said.

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