Press Release

OVHcloud, the leading European cloud provider, has chosen ServiceNow and its Customer Service Management offer to improve its customer experience and develop the quality of services available for its cloud customers.

OVHcloud chooses ServiceNow…

The choice of the digital workflows leader is in line with an ambitious overhaul of the customer experience at OVHcloud. Benefiting from a high-performance solution, capable of addressing a wide variety of use cases, but above all scalable internationally while guaranteeing total data sovereignty, the deployment of ServiceNow will be a key asset for customers and their advisors alike.

The ServiceNow solution will also allow the OVHcloud teams to increase the points of contact to support its 1.5 million customers more responsively, but also to offer them online kits in order to develop user autonomy.

This new tool will offer an omni-channel vision and fluid management to guarantee the satisfaction of our customers, in particular by adapting to the channel of their choice and thus improve the handling of incidents.

“OVHcloud aims to offer a competitive alternative to the hegemonic leaders of the cloud. By choosing ServiceNow, we are strengthening our continuous improvement approach to respond with agility and relevance to the multiplicity of uses in the cloud.” says Ludivine Boutry, Chief Digital & Marketing Officer at OVHcloud.

For the implementation of this project, OVHcloud is supported by Capgemini.

ServiceNow is compatible with the Open Trusted Cloud program

ServiceNow’s high level of flexibility in the face of very strong constraints imposed by the sovereign ambitions of OVHcloud, means the collaboration of the two companies takes on an additional dimension.

ServiceNow solutions are already available on OVHcloud’s Open Trusted Cloud platform, which aims to co-build a service ecosystem hosted in an open, reversible, data-protection-conscious cloud.

"As a cloud player, the partnership between OVHcloud and ServiceNow is perfectly natural, we share a common DNA, with a desire to support the digital transformation of public sector operators.” adds Bruno Buffenoir, Area Vice-President of ServiceNow.