Press Release

Onwards and upwards: Global connectivity provider Pangea is happy to say they kicked off the year by hitting their 400 channel partner milestone.

They signed their 400th partner on New Year’s Eve, and rounded out the year with major revenue growth—all by helping partners future-proof their business and connect their customers with intelligent mobile data.

Their MD Dan Cunliffe is thrilled with the new milestone. ‘For a long time, the easiest way to differentiate in telecoms was to have the lowest price’, he said. ‘This led to a race to the bottom, which sucked the value right out of channel products. Many providers won by offering the same thing as their competitors, but cheaper.

‘But we’re helping our 400 channel partners move beyond the game of undercutting, to help their customers overcome real business challenges and reach tangible outcomes. All using intelligent mobile data and value-added services, like static IPs and mobile content filtering.

‘And we’ve stayed channel-only the whole way. We never compete with our partners—it’s all about finding you new opportunities and building future-proof mobile revenue streams.’

Other Pangea milestones over the last year include:

– Connecting 200,000 endpoints across every sector all powered by connectivity so resilient, Pangea’s support team only has to field an average of 20 inbound calls a week.

– Establishing presence in their fifth data centre in Manchester to support the high number of endpoints that need connecting.

– Winning multiple awards throughout the year for the quality of their mobile connectivity and their support team’s performance

– Upgrading their IoT support system with faster response times, new tools, easier reporting, and a smoother experience overall.

– Joining forces with Daisy Communications to bring IoT and mobile data straight to partners’ doorsteps

‘Our partner count is growing faster than ever, and it’s down to intelligent mobile data helping partners win deals and boost their revenue,’ Cunliffe said. ‘The market is thriving right now, so we’re looking forward to helping even more partners build their IoT and mobile data solutions and grow their business this year.

‘To all the partners who’ve joined us: thank you, and stay tuned—there are going to be plenty more revenue opportunities on the table this year if you’re ready to take them.’