Press Release

The leading international cloud telecommunication service provider DIDWW has recently announced another major update to its cloud-based virtual PBX,™. The latest version 2.10 delivers new features and significant improvements to enhance the functionality and user experience of this platform.

The updated™ now includes a contact setup wizard that allows system administrators to seamlessly onboard new users. This new wizard is very easy to use, saves valuable time, and helps to make all the necessary configurations conveniently.

Other exciting additions and ease-of-use improvements to the management of the™ softphone on the™ user interface include an outbound call announcement feature that allows to assign two different audio files for internal and external outbound calls. Now all users can easily add any audio file of their choice, which will be automatically played to those who receive the call.

For more information and a full list of improvements, please read the official announcement here.

Darius Siuipys,™ Product Manager at DIDWW, added, “The latest™ update further cements our continuous commitment to providing innovative telephony solutions with user experience at the forefront. We keep improving this fully customizable and easy-to-use cloud phone system and have many more great features on the way.”