Press Release

Pioneer Consulting, the full-service submarine fiber optic telecommunications consulting and project management company, announces the release of its latest “Suppliers of Undersea Telecommunications Systems” report.

With over 770 pages, the report includes 405 figures and 61 tables, offering a comprehensive overview of the key players and resources in the industry. This new 2021 edition also analyzes the biggest market trends and challenges in telecommunications via submarine cables.

Specialized technologies and devices continue to evolve that allow thousands of gigabits to traverse the oceans every second. These technologies, and the companies that provide them, allow these systems to be deployed to the oceans’ bottoms, where they typically operate for twenty years or more. Considering the near-complete dependence on undersea cables for the public Internet and the services provided by content providers such as Google, Microsoft, and Amazon, the four main companies that supply these cables take on a burden of responsibility. Knowledge of these cables and the industrial ecosystem that surrounds them is critical understanding for anyone evaluating telecommunications infrastructure.

“Suppliers of Undersea Telecommunications Systems” begins with over 230 pages (163 figures) of tutorials on submarine cable system design and technology, written in plain English for ease of understanding by non-technical readers. The remainder of the report reviews the range of suppliers for subsea fiber optic cable systems; the major system integrators equipped to design, manufacture, and deploy subsea cable systems of any type worldwide, and the smaller, more focused suppliers providing cable, submarine line terminal equipment, and specific components (including fiber, wavelength selective switches, and pump sources) for submarine applications. These detailed reviews include overall company information, historical background, publicly available financial data, capabilities/services, lists of recent projects, and complete product offerings.

“We designed this report to be both a complete introduction to the submarine telecommunications cable industry for the uninitiated, and the most up-to-date, comprehensive assessment of suppliers for industry veterans,” says Bertrand Clesca, Director of Client Solutions at Pioneer Consulting. “We’re proud to be the go-to source for industry insight and expertise.”

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