The cables will connect the Philippines with a number of strategic hubs across the Southeast Asia and Asia Pacific region

Filipino telecoms giant, PLDT, has confirmed that it will launch two new subsea telecoms cables in Asia Pacific and Southeast Asia, in addition to its highly anticipated Jupiter cable.  

A report in the Business Mirror quoted PLDT’s vice president for international networks, Genaro C. Sanchez, as saying that the company was keen to bolster connectivity options in the region.

“We have embarked on transforming our infrastructure. Some of the cables now landed in the Philippines need upgrading because they only have roughly 25 years of service life. We have three projects lined up,” he told reporters at the Asian Carriers Conference in Cebu last week.

PLDT’s Jupiter cable will link the Philippines and Japan with the west coast of the US, over a 14,000km long route. It will deliver 60Tbps of capacity and will operate on an open-cable business model. The cable will be ready for service in early 2020.

Sanchez did not confirm compete routes for the other two cables set to be commissioned but he did confirm that they will link the Philippines with other key strategic locations in the region.  

“For the two other projects, we have yet to sign the construction and maintenance agreement. Our position is to sign it in October or November,” he said.

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