Press Release

Satcom test tool leader GateHouse Telecom A/S today announces that Inmarsat has advised that it has performed testing of its new Global Xpress Link Emulator (GLE) clearing the way for Inmarsat to recommend the tool to its partners for part of their testing of Global Xpress (GX) applications and solutions off-air without a terminal.

The GLE simulates a real satellite connection and terminal and can be used at any time in a lab for GX application development and test. The GLE can also be used by partners to demonstrate their GX solutions at trade shows.

It helps Inmarsat partners to introduce a more effective test process in GX solution development and to troubleshoot without the support of Inmarsat.

“We recommend that new GX applications and solutions are thoroughly tested in any number of network scenarios and in different bandwidth conditions before being introduced to the market,” says Olaf Rostbakken, Director of GX Simulation and Modelling. “GateHouse’s GLE tool allows application developers and Value Added Manufacturers (VAMs) to do part of this in a controlled environment and can reduce the cost of testing in the process.”

“Clearly, GateHouse is delighted that Inmarsat recommends the GLE tool for its partners to test and accelerate the introduction of new GX solutions,” adds Tine P. Pedersen, Sales Director, Satellite Communication, GateHouse Telecom. “This is a further endorsement of our leadership in satcom test tools.”

GateHouse Telecom is a well-established partner of the satellite communications industry. The firm is the leading independent provider of complete embedded software within Inmarsat’s BGAN system. Around 50% of the active BGAN terminals in use today use GateHouse’s software.

GateHouse Telecom aims to replicate its BGAN success in the Global Xpress network. GLE features include the ability to test multiple SSPCs, possible signal degradation scenarios caused by storms or blockage, simulate traffic congestion scenarios and optimise for minimum airtime usage.