Press Release

Polaris Networks, a leading provider of wireless test and measurement products, announced that i2i Systems of Turkey has licensed the Polaris NetTest5G system for validating the functions and features of the 5G Core Network Functions being developed by i2i Systems.

As vendors evolve in their development of infrastructure elements to support 5G networks, it is necessary that such development is tested and validated for features and functions defined in the standards. The 3GPP standards for 5G standalone-mode (SA), introduces a new 5G Core that requires adoption of ‘service-based architecture’ (SBA) along with other fundamental changes in the core network. Vendors of 5G Core need to ensure that their 5G core products comply with the 3GPP specifications and facilitates operators to build multi-vendor networks and deliver a true 5G experience to their customers.

The NetTest 5G system enables test and validation in the entire lifecycle of 5G Core network functions, from research, development to deployment. The NetTest5G comprises of emulators for each NF in the 5G network including the UE+gNodeB, AMF, SMF, UPF, AUSF, UDR, UDM, PCF, NSSF and provides the flexibility for the test bed to be configured in various different ways including testing all the 5G Core Network Functions together or testing each NF separately by emulating the surrounding 5G network functions. After the test bed is configured, the Polaris 5G SA test tool allows users to run various types of tests including functional, negative, procedure collisions and load for verifying the 5G Core Network Functions and performance. The tests can be executed manually from the web-based Test Console or tests can be automated in the form of scripts using the test library provided in the NetTest5G system.

Gülten Yazici, Core Network QA Group Manager at i2i Systems, was quoted as saying, “As i2i Systems, we are investing in 5G Technologies and as part of this investment, we are developing 5G Core Network Functions as well. In order to assure telco-grade quality, we’ve decided to test these functions via a third-party test tool in addition to tools and frameworks developed in-house. After a comprehensive evaluation period, we have decided to proceed with “NetTest 5G” product from Polaris Networks because it meets our requirements in terms of functionality and supported features. Now, we are executing most of our test scenarios with this tool and we are benefiting from the product very much in our ongoing development and test activities. Thanks to the business and technical teams of Polaris Networks for their cooperation, dedication, and responsiveness throughout our challenging journey.”