Press Release

Customer churn rate within the telecoms industry can be a problem, so it is important for providers to make sure that they are spending time looking after their existing customers, as well as winning new business.

In order to keep your customers happy it is important to provide first class customer service and also ensure a cost effective solution.

Porrima, telecoms software providers, report that their Tariff Analyser service is helping their customers to retain valuable clients, when used to provide regular tariff analysis for their mobile and fixed line products.

Tariff Analyser allows you to keep track of your customers’ phone usage and analyse this against all available tariffs on the market, and highlight if there are any tariffs or bolt-ons which would better suit their usage.

CEO Daniel Shapiro said “Since telecoms providers have started using our Tariff Analyser service for their existing customer base, they have found that their customer satisfaction rate has increased. If their customer knows that they are carrying out tariff analysis on their behalf then they will gain trust and confidence in them. These things will then lead to loyalty. We have found that by managing the analysis of telecoms providers’ existing customer base, this frees up time for their staff and provides them regularly with invaluable information in a comprehensive report format for when they engage with their customers.”

Vodafone Total Communications Partner Excalibur have been using Tariff Analyser for four years and state that it has significantly helped them with customer retention.

Emma Carter, Sales and Marketing Director, commented “We find that providing tariff analysis aids with client retention as it gains credibility with our customers. They can clearly see that the recommendations we give are because of their exact usage and not just guess work. Our customers understand that we have their accounts under control and we can react to tariff changes more quickly. Tariff Analyser has become an important part of our customer service, reassuring them that we have their accounts under control. We believe it is a real advantage to our business and helps to set a difference between us and our network competitors.”