Press Release

Procescom, an industry-recognized provider of innovative and customized solutions for telecom technical platforms, has formed a strategic alliance with DIDWW, a global telecoms operator that offers premium quality VoIP communications and SIP trunking services. This cooperation will help Procescom to further advance its telecom solutions that are deployed in both public and private infrastructure. The addition of fully compliant DIDWW voice services will greatly contribute to the use of Procescom’s out-of-the-box connectivity that can be applied by mobile network operators, MNOs or MVNOs of any size.

Strategic partnerships and an innovative outlook on business have assisted Procescom in positioning itself as a leading Mobile Virtual Network Enabler with its Procescom MVNE platform. Along with a white-labelled VoIP dialer for iOS and Android, Procescom has made it possible for mobile device industry giants to offer out-of-the-box connectivity to customers. In addition, Procescom’s extensive connectivity portfolio presents a great opportunity to drive innovation and potential growth for telecom businesses.

Under the new partnership, Procescom and its MVNE clients will leverage DIDWW high-quality VoIP services that are delivered over a private, global IP network and offer a virtually unlimited call capacity with flexible SIP trunk settings. This service offers premium audio quality coupled with sophisticated VoIP trunk configuration options and the highest service reliability. DIDWW provides a powerful two-way SIP trunking service globally, offering solutions to carriers and multinational enterprises, as well as enabling migration to IP from PSTN.

“We are all witnessing an exciting growth of the MVNO market and as a result of our partnership with DIDWW, Procescom is pleased to provide customers with solutions to improve the quality of existing core services. This strategic move will reinforce Procescom’s mission to utilize the main revenue driver, which includes the speed of innovation, quality and the ability to place the product onto the open market in the short time span,” concluded Procescom CEO Vojislav Krstic.

Commenting on this collaboration, Laura Pakamaniene, Business Development Manager at DIDWW, said, “We are happy to have met all of Procescom’s stringent requirements, and at the same time, proving that transferring a core part of an operating business to an alternative carrier can be seamless and without service disruption.”