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Proximus selects Zimperium mobile threat defense to protect subscribers against surging mobile attacks

The agreement will make integrated cyber security protection for mobile devices available to Enterprise customers across Belgium.

Brussels, Belgium, 20th July 2022 – Zimperium, a global leader in mobile security, announced a major deal with Proximus starting from 1st July 2022, Belgium’s largest telecommunication and digital services provider to strengthen cyber security for its enterprise customers.

Proximus will offer the award winning Zimperium zIPS, an advanced mobile threat defense (MTD) platform as an integrated and simple to manage subscription service to provide persistent, on-device protection to its enterprise customers. The agreement with Zimperium follows a detailed test and evaluation phase that examined several solutions across the market.

As Alex Lorette, VP Enterprise Solutions & Platforms for Proximus, explains, “The rising threat of cyber-attacks is a major concern for our customers. A major trend are threats that specifically target mobile, like SMS-phishing, social media phishing and mobile malware such as Flubot and Pegasus. Yet users don’t have a trusted method of protecting against these growing range of attacks.”

“To combat this trend, we have partnered with Zimperium to deliver what we believe is best-in-class mobile threat defense to protect our enterprise customers. We have integrated zIPS as an option on our mobile plans which is now available for a monthly subscription.”

Zimperium is the global leader in the critical Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) market. Its own branded solutions are complemented with several OEM agreements with major mobile device manufacturers and cyber security solution providers that embed Zimperium technology to deliver best in class mobile endpoint and application protection.

Research from Google’s Project Zero team found that Zero day, exploited vulnerabilities against mobile devices in 2021 was greater than the previous 5 years combined. It found the total number of exploits more than doubled to 58, with 17 targeted at mobile operating systems. While the number of exploits targeting mobile devices grew by a factor of six, and, as a percentage of all exploits, almost tripled.

“We are seeing a significant rise in adoption of mobile threat defense from telecommunication service providers that want to include it as part of the subscription offering,” explains Ashish Patel, General Manager – EMEA for Zimperium.

“Historically, mobile device manufacturers and operating systems have been quite good at protecting against threats but it’s clear that attackers are growing in sophistication. We are witnessing new strains of malware and malicious apps such as the Pegasus spyware family that carry out deep and persistent attacks against mobile devices that can siphon off data and potentially break other security controls such as MFA.

“Proximus and other progressive operators have the ambition to make cyber protection readily available and easily deployable for all consumers and especially enterprise customers that are the target of organised cyber criminals.”

MTD is also becoming a core requirement for enterprises with Gartner’s 2021 Market Guide for Mobile Threat Defense stating: “By 2025 more than half of organizations in regulated industries will have a security solution for both iOS and Android devices.”

In 2021, Zimperium’s mobile security analysis uncovered 2,034,217 new malware samples detected in the wild. On average, that is nearly 36,000 new strains of malware a week and over 5,000 a day.

Ashish Patel, General Manager – EMEA for Zimperium is available for telephone briefings with press and analysts in respect to this announcement.

Please contact for more information, +44 7887 682943