Press Release

iQmetrix, North America’s leading provider of telecom retail management software, announced today it has acquired Viva Tracker—a web-based, back-office software solution built for wireless retailers, specifically in the T-Mobile channel. An agile software-as-a-service company launched in 2011, Viva Tracker’s solutions power nearly 2,000 T-Mobile and Sprint retail locations across the US.

The purchase of Viva Tracker is an investment for iQmetrix that both extends its current sector-leading platform for authorized wireless retailers and expands market opportunity. The acquisition also brings to iQmetrix a team of talented people who offer a deep understanding of T-Mobile systems.

Following the acquisition, Viva Tracker will operate as a subsidiary within iQmetrix, with all Viva Tracker employees remaining in their current roles. As an iQmetrix subsidiary, the Viva Tracker team will retain the agility of a smaller company while benefiting from the support and resources enjoyed by all iQmetrix teams and employees.

With iQmetrix and Viva Tracker now working in tandem, the acquisition will support revenue growth by creating exponential new opportunities for both companies across the telecom retail sector.

Ryan Volberg, Lead (President and CEO) of iQmetrix, said, “We believe Viva Tracker is only scratching the surface with what it can offer wireless retailers seeking a web-based back-office solution, and we are excited to showcase Viva Tracker to the entire wireless retail industry. Our goal is to give the Viva Tracker team the environment they need to build on their skills, dedication, and daring attitude, and ultimately drive revenue growth for both companies.”

Stacy Hamer, Lead (Vice President) of Client Experiences at iQmetrix, added, “Viva Tracker’s valued clients will still have the same great products and services, but with the added benefits that come with being an iQmetrix client. This will at first be through dedicated account management and 24/7 support, but eventually will also mean product enhancements and additional services.”

Brent Sheena, Founder and CEO of Viva Tracker, said, “Viva Tracker is excited to join the iQmetrix family at this transformative time. We are extremely pleased that we will be able to continue provide our customers with the consistent service they rely on, while adding the ability to integrate our systems with iQmetrix’s great retail management products. This acquisition is a win-win for everybody involved.”

The iQmetrix and Viva Tracker teams are now coming together with a series of kick-off events to begin the process of bringing the Viva Tracker team on board.